Building Defects

These serious issues may all occur when purchasing a property.



Subsidence is a serious problem with many causes. Movement is often related to soil type, slope, trees and drainage issues.

We will assess the likely cause and recommend a programme of any necessary repairs.


Dry Rot

Dry Rot

Dry Rot is a fungus that causes serious timber decay and is expensive to remedy.

We will identify it's presence and recommend remedial work.



Timber Defects

Wood Worm

Timber defects are most commonly caused by common furniture beetle often known as woodworm, if untreated will cause damage to the timbers affected.

Other common defects are wet rot particularly to external timbers.


Roof Defects


Defects in pitched roofs are often related to the properties age. We will advise on future life expectancy and estimated cost of overhaul.

Flat roofs cause particular problems through leakage often affecting roof timbers below.


Electrical Defects


It is important that electrical installations are regularly checked for safety reasons.

We will advise as to future maintenance and rewiring if required.


Heating Defects


Central heating systems vary considerably and we will comment on the efficiency of the system and possible future modernisation options.





Home insulation is of increasing importance in reducing C02 emissions.

We offer cost effective advice on improving insulation standards for your home.